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Willoughby Juvenile Center

Kelli Kirkland – Juvenile Services Director

1401 Warren Drive
Marshall, Texas  75670

Project Goals Community
Criteria for Admission

Admission to the Project goals Community is possible for any child who is currently on probation under the provisions of the Texas Juvenile Justice Code.  Ideally, the program is designed for children, ages 10-16, whose offenses warrant Sanction Level 4 or higher.

Admitting counties should provide to Harrison County prior to delivery of resident:

  • A complete contract for service delivery
  • A common application
  • A completed psychological evaluation
  • Copies of Medicaid and/or insurance card and information
  • All applicable court orders (Contact us for directions in this area prior to court)
  • A completed medical report detailing a total medical examination and released for physical activity
  • A completed dental evaluation
  • Immunization records
  • Detailed social history
  • Synopsis by the probation officer of child’s progress on probation
  • Treatment worksheet completed by probation officer, child, and parent
  • Aftercare plan for child once discharged


Each child will be reviewed by GOALS staff for potential for success in the Project Goals Community.  If a child is rejected by GOALS staff, counties may appeal to the Juvenile Services Director of Harrison County.  Counties whose applications are rejected will receive a written, detailed response regarding the reason for rejection.

Counties should note that Harrison County recommends that GOALS participants be placed on a minimum of 24 months probation.  This will permit the admitting county a minimum of one year supervision following the child’s release.

Project GOALS:
Long-Term Secure Placement

We have a 24-bed, secure, post-adjudication facility.  Our program provides:

  • An all-day on-site academic program
  • A 14-hour program day
  • Physical Training for conditioning and self esteem daily
  • On-site, Buckner Counseling Services (Weekly individual and group and monthly family counseling)
  • Individual and group substance abuse counseling
  • Life skills, positive steps, parenting groups
  • Hair grooming
  • Voluntary church services and Bible study
  • Pre-employment and career assessments
  • Optional furloughs and outings
  • Six-month length of stay recommended
  • Other services by request
Willoughby Juvenile Center